A Story of Yonosuke (2013)

  • Drama
  • 2h 40m
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Synopsis - It nostalgically depicts the interactions between a good-natured young man and his friends, while interweaving the past and present. In 1987, a youth named Yonosuke who is unable to decline the requests of others leaves his hometown of Nagasaki to start university life in Tokyo. One day as he is juggling classes and extracurricular activities, he goes to a driving school and meets Shoko, the daughter of a company president, who takes a liking to him.

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OKITA Shuichi

Available in

Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, United States

Bonus Content

A Story of Yonosuke | Director Intro

Director Shuichi Okita introduces his film to audiences of JFF Plus: Online Festival.

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